Head of the Institution

Associate Professor Alexander V. Dragan

Name of Institution: 

Educational Institution «Brest State Technical University» (BrSTU)

Foundation Date: 

April 1, 1966

Mailing Address: 

224017, Moskovskaya Str., 267, Brest, Republic of Belarus
How to get: 

From railway station: trolleybus #1, 2, 3 to bus stop «Tehnichny universitet»

Phone number(s):

+375 162 40 83 74, +375 29 72 62 370 (International Student Affairs Office)


+375 162 40 83 74 (International Student Affairs Office)





canc [at] bstu [dot] by

ttc [at] bstu [dot] by (International Student Affairs Office)


  1. Faculty of Economics
  2. Faculty of Engineering Systems and Ecology
  3. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  4. Faculty of Electronic-Informational Systems
  5. Faculty of Civil Engineering

Specialties for which you can get an education

Bachelor’s Degree

  1. Finance and Crediting
  2. Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  3. Enterprise Economy and Management
  4. Marketing
  5. Commercial Activity
  6. Economy and Production Management
  7. Logistics
  8. E-marketing
  9. Economics of electronic business. (duration: 4 years)
  10. Nature Conservation (duration: 4 years)
  11. Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conservation (duration: 5 years)
  12. Water-supply, Sewerage and Water Resources Conservation (duration: 5 years)
  13. Amelioration and Water Management (duration: 4,5 years)
  14. Machine-Building Technology (duration: 4,5 years)
  15. Technology Equipment of Machine Building (duration: 5 years)
  16. Food Machinery (duration: 4,5)
  17. Car Maintenance
  18. Car Service (duration: 4,5 years)
  19. Automation of Technological Processes and Productions (duration: 4,5 years)
  20. Industrial Electronics
  21. Computers, Computer Systems and Networks
  22. Artificial Intelligence
  23. Automated Data Processing Systems
  24. Programmable Mobile Systems (duration: 4 years)
  25. Architecture (duration: 6 years)
  26. Architectural design (duration: 6 years)
  27. Production of Building Components and Constructions (duration: 5 years)
  28. Industrial and Civil Engineering (duration: 5 years)
  29. Road Construction (duration: 5 years)

Master’s Degree

  1. Economics and National Economy Management
  2. World Economy
  3. Accounting, Analyses and Audit
  4. Amelioration, Recultivation and Land Conservation
  5. Machine Building and Machine Science
  6. Automation, Management of Technological Processes and Production Systems
  7. Systems Analysis, Information Processing and Management
  8. Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Program Complexes
  9. Informatics and Software Development Technologies
  10. Artificial Intelligence
  11. Computer Technologies for Electronic Systems Design
  12. Architecture
  13. Industrial and Civil Engineering
  14. Architecture of Buildings and Structures
  15. Road Construction
  16. Production of Building Components and Structures
  17. Real Estate Appraisal and Management

International relations and main international actions

The University develops close contacts with higher educational establishments in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, China, Republic of Korea, France and Russia.

We have long-term partner contacts with Bialystock Polytechnic Institute (Poland), Lublin Polytechnic Institute (Poland), Higher Technical Professional School in Biberach(Germany) and Higher Technical School in Ravensburg-Weingarten (Germany).

This partnership creates an essential basis for mutually useful training activity and scientific research.

Brest State Technical University actively participates in numerous international projects and programs, communicates with educational and scientific funds including European ones - TACIS, TEMPUS, INTAS, etc.

We are interested in establishing effective mutually beneficial partnership relations with universities all over the world in the following areas of cooperation:
- exchange of faculty members and students;
- joint research activities;
- participation in seminars and other academic events;
- collaboration in technopark areas.

  1. BrSTU has taken part in the following projects:
    TEMPO, 2012 - 2016-Trans-European Mobility Project on Education for Sustainable Development
  2. TEMPUS Be Safe - Belarusian Road Safety Network
  3. TEMPUS RETHINK - Reform of Education THru INternational Knowledge exchange
  4. Erasmus+ Project «Library Network Support Services (LNSS): modernizing libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming library services»

Living conditions for foreign students 

There are dormitories with all conveniences on the university campus (shared occupancy in double/triple adjacent rooms).

How to Apply

Contact information for foreign candidates for training

Cultural life

There are many opportunities to meet people and make new friends at Brest State Technical University. The Students’ Club is the center where the students can spend their time to the best advantage and make new acquaintances. The Club offers various activities to the students who want to unleash their creativity. They can join university amateur societies and groups or try out themselves as script writers, producers and actors at University shows and festivals.
Every year the University Sports Club and the Department of Physical Training jointly conduct more than 50 athletic events: university competitions and championships among teachers and students in indoor soccer, table tennis, chess, aerobic, and track-and-field. The university offers a great number of athletic and recreational facilities to help students to spend their time to the best advantage. There are 18 sport societies for those who want to keep themselves fit. The University rents modern sports complexes and provides gyms and table-tennis rooms on the campus.

More detailed information about university’s events.

Additional educational services

Pre-university (foundation) programme. Duration: 1 year
Area of study Subjects
Economics area Russian language, Mathematics, Economic Theory
Engineering area Russian language, Mathematics, Physics, Technical Drawing
Architecture area Russian language, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Drawing

Russian-language courses

Academic Courses (cover full academic year);
Summer Courses (allow you to combine your holiday with a study programme);
Crash Courses (involve intensive study over a short period, and start throughout the year).


Undergraduate programmses – Specialist’s Degree

  • Industrial Electronics
  • Computers, Computer Systems and Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated Data Processing Systems
  • Logistics
  • Industrial and Civil Engineering

Graduate programmes – Muster’s Degree

  • World Economy
  • Informatics and Software Development Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Technologies for Electronic Systems Design
  • Industrial and Civil Engineering
  • Logistics

Postgraduate programmes

05.23.05 Building Materials and Products
05.23.01 Buildings, Built Structures, Non-building Structures
05.13.15 Computers, Computer Complexes and Networks


Pre-university programme: $2000
Undergraduate programme: $2600 (Russian Medium)
                                         $4200(English Medium)
Graduate programme (Master’s Degree): $3000 (Russian Medium)
                                                            $4300 (English Medium)
Aspirantura (PhD programme): $4000 – $5500
Russian-language courses: the fee is calculated according to the chosen study programme.
Undergraduate courses in English for exchange and visiting students: fee is calculated according to the chosen study programme.


Invitation for obtaining a study visa – free of charge
Temporary registration (issued for 1 year) – $50
Health insurance – €170/1 year
Obligatory medical examination – $80
Exit-entry visa – $37
Exit visa – $24
Certified passport translation into Russian language – $12,5