Educational institution «Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University»

Head of the Institution: Rector - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor – Mikalai Ramaniuk

Name of Institution: Educational institution «Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University»

Foundation date: The University was established in October 1954

Mailing address: 99 Nezavisimosti Avenue, 220012 Minsk, Belarus

How to get: Metro station "Maskouskaja"; buses 13, 25, 34, 35, 37, 64, 80, 91, 95, 100, 113с, 145с, 165, 921

Phone number: +375 172 72 47 71

Fax: +375 172 58 41 16



E-mail: rektorat [at] bsatu [dot] by

Business and management faculty
Farm machinery service faculty
Agro-power faculty
Agromechanical faculty
Faculty for preparation and vocational guidance of the youth

Specialties for which you can get an education:

Bachelor’s Degree:
Logistic support of the Agro-industrial Complex
Repair service production in agriculture 
Economics and Production Management in the field of Agro-industrial Complex    
Management (information)
Technical support of agricultural production processes
Agricultural equipment design and production
Occupational safety administration in agriculture
Energy Supply in Agriculture (in majors):
Energy supply in agriculture (Electrical power engineering)
Energy Supply in Agriculture (Heat and Power Engineering)
Automation of technological processes and production (agriculture)
Technical Support of agricultural products storage and processing
Metrology, standardization and certification (in majors):
Metrology, standardization and certification (agro-industrial complex)
Occupational Safety Administration in Agriculture

Master’s Degree:
Agricultural equipment design and production
Technical support of agricultural production processes
Energy supply in agriculture
Technical service in the Agro-industrial Complex
Technical support of agricultural products storage and processing
Occupational Safety. Ergonomics

International relations and main actions: The International cooperation in the field of science and education is carried out within the framework of International agreements concluded by BSATU with foreign scientific and educational institutions and organizations. The University cooperates with more than 90 universities and organizations of CIS, EU countries, China and other countries. BSATU carries out close cooperation with universities of Russia and Kazakhstan in the field of higher and postgraduate education.
An integral part of the University international activity is participation of its subdivisions in programs of the European Union such as Erasmus+ and various projects with foreign partners in the frame of which the University lecturers go abroad for advanced training and participate in conferences and symposia. BSATU organizes international conferences, meetings, seminars with participation of representatives of educational institutions and the companies of Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Students of the University participate in the international programmes of agricultural training of the German country union, the Bavarian country union, «Doyle - Ninburg» training center, in programmes of Apollo association (Germany). The training of foreign citizens is an important part of BSATU activity. At the University the training of specialists for foreign countries has been conducted since 1978. Foreign citizens are trained at preparatory courses, the Russian language courses, advanced training departments, post graduate courses. Students from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Nigeria, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, People’s Republic of China, etc. study at the University. Modern lecture rooms and laboratories, equipped with up-to-date facilities, libraries, cafes and canteen, first-aid post, a sport complex are at student’s disposal. Accommodation is offered to all foreign students.

Living conditions for foreign students:
All foreign students are provided with accommodation in comfortable hostels of block type (the block is for 5 people consists of 2 rooms with a shower and a toilet), compactly located in the campus.

How to apply:

Conditions for admission of foreign citizens for training.

In order to receive an invitation to study in the Republic of Belarus, it is necessary to submit (via e-mail mhurnovich; interdepbsatu [at] gmail [dot] com; id [at] bsatu [dot] by or fax +375 172 58 41 16; + 375 17 310 07 84) to the Department of International Relations of the University copies of the following documents:
- a notarized copy of the certificate or other document of education;
- translation of the certificate or other document of education into Belarusian or Russian, certified by a notary;
- copy of a passport or other identification document
- translation of a passport or other document proving the identity into Belarusian or Russian, certified by a notary;
- a notarized copy of the medical report on the state of health issued by the official health authority of the country from which the candidate came to study.
PLEASE NOTE! Copies of all documents must be sealed with a notary seal, and all documents executed in a foreign language must be accompanied by their translation into Russian. The translation must be notarized.
The International Department sends an official invitation to the candidate for study, which allows you to obtain an educational visa at the consular institution of the Republic of Belarus at the place of residence of the candidate.

Terms of documents’ acceptance.
For admission to BSATU you need to submit your documents no later than:
October 15 - for admission to faculties;
November 1 - for admission to the preparatory department of the faculty of pre-university training;
During the year - for admission to the magistracy and postgraduate study.

Contact information for foreign candidates for training:

Department of International Relations
99 Nezavisimosti Avenue, room 218 (213)
220023 Minsk, Belarus
Tel. / fax: + 375 17 310 07 84
e-mail: interdepbsatu [at] gmail [dot] com
Head of the Department – Mikhail Hurnovich

Cultural life:
Different joint events of Belarusian and foreign students are held annually. Such as creative festivals, “Miss BSATU Pageant”, “Mr. BSATU Pageant”, literary soiree and etc. Students are given the possibility to take part in different collectives of artistic creativity, folk theater "Prometheus", etc. Foreign students are actively involved in the study of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus. The University organizes different excursions for them.
Each dormitory has a gym. Every student can visit it.