Head of the Institution:

Shegidevich Artem

Name of Institution:

Educational Establishment «Belarusian State Academy of Aviation»

Foundation Date:


Mailing Address:

220096, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Uborevicha 77

Phone number(s):

8 (017) 341 66 32; 8 (017) 341 46 44


8 (017) 341 66 32



academy [at] bsaa [dot] by


  • Faculty of Civil Aviation
  • Military Faculty
  • Department of Secondary Special Education
  • Institute of Professional Development and Retraining

Specialties for which you can get an education:

Vocational Secondary Education
Technical Maintenance of Aircraft and Engines
Technical Maintenance of Aircraft Equipment (Technical Maintenance of Instrumental and Lighting Equipment)
Speciality: «Aircraft Automatic Systems and Electronic Equipment»
Technical Maintenance of Aircraft Equipment (Technical Maintenance of Instrumental and Lighting Equipment)
Speciality: «Flight Lighting System and Electrical Equipment of Airports»
Technical Maintenance of Aircraft Equipment
Speciality: «Avionics of Flight Supporting»
Technical Maintenance of Aircraft Equipment
Speciality: «Aircraft Radio Electronic Equipment»
Construction, Road-Building and Handling Machines and Equipment
Speciality: «Aerodrome and Airport Mechanization Facilities»
Mechanical Technician
Computers, Systems and Networks
Speciality: «Technical Maintenance of Flight Information Processing Means»

Bachelor’s Degree:

Technical Maintenance of Aircraft and Engines
Aircraft Equipment Maintenance (instrument and lighting equipment)
Aircraft Equipment Maintenance (avionics)
Traffic Management and Air Transport Flight Service
(Air Traffic Management)
Remotely-Piloted Aircraft System Maintenance (Civil Aviation)
Flight Service Ground Facilities Technical Operation
Engineer. Management Specialist
Technical/Technological Operation of Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems (State Aviation)
Control Engineer

Master’s Degree:

Master in Engineering Studies


The Academy of aviation provides training in programs of initial and recurrent training for:

  • aviation personnel by rules of transportation of dangerous goods by air (DG)
  • aviation personnel of service of the organization of air transport
  • centering dispatchers
  • controllers of starting control office
  • controllers-instructors, supervisors
  • operators, heads of flights and technical structure of unmanned aerial vehicles/complexes
  • aviation personnel of airfield ensuring flights
  • aviation personnel by rules of drawing up messages (The amendment 1 to rules of air navigation service)
  • service specialists
  • specialists of  fuel and lubricants service
  • specialists in air navigation ensuring flights
  • experts of service of aircraft on the platform
  • specialists in ensuring air transport
  • specialists of services radio and communication equipment/lighting equipment
  • members of flight and cabin crews, aviation personnel on a human factors and crew resource management (CRM)
  • members of flight and cabin crews on aviation safety


The Academy of aviation provides initial and recurrent language training for:

  • abin attendants, flight crews, air traffic controllers, technical staff (confirmation, receiving and extension of the language «Level 3 – 6» knowledge of aviation English according to requirements of ICAO standards)
  • flight crews and air traffic controllers on maintaining a radio communication and phraseology of radio exchange in English
  • final testing for receiving and confirmation English language level in a format of the PELTA test (Proficiency English Language Test for Aviation) with the subsequent issue of the standard certificate

International relations and main international actions:

Cooperation of BSAA with educational institutions and scientific organizations of foreign countries within the framework of bilateral treaties is carried out with the aim of integrating the academy into the world educational and scientific community, developing international relations, increasing the effectiveness of cooperation.

  • International Seminar "Thermal Analysis and Application of Equipment from NETZSCH GMBH (Germany) to Control the Properties of Materials in Scientific Research"
  • International Scientific and Methodical Conference "Problems of Modern Aviation Education"
  • International Scientific and Practical Forum "Methods and Devices for Quality Control and Diagnostics of the State of Objects"
  • II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Actual Problems and Prospects of Aviation Development"
  • VIII International Military Conference of Cadets and Young Scientists "Improving the Provision of Aviation Operations"

Living conditions for foreign students:

There is a youth hostel on the territory of Aviation Academy. Two to three students share one room there. The rooms are equipped with all necessary for comfortable living and getting ready for studies. Sanitary facilities are divided. There are rooms for self-studies, for the rest, catering room and laundry on every floor.

Sport/Medical services:

  • To keep fit and healthy students may visit the training hall in the hostel.
  • For the first aid and medical help there is a 24 hour medical center on the territory of Aviation Academy.

How to Apply:

To receive an invitation to study in the Republic of Belarus, it is necessary to send E-mail: academy [at] bsaa [dot] by a copy of the secondary education certificate and a copy of the passport, as well as a copy of their translation into Russian, certified by a notary

Contact information for foreign candidates for training:

Department of International Relations

Tel.: + 375 17 396 43 02, fax: + 375 17 341 66 32

E-mail: rammina [at] mail [dot] ru

Cultural life:

  • To adapt international students to language, social and cultural environment we offer them guided tours through the historical and cultural places of the city of Minsk and the Republic of Belarus.
  • At the request of Customers we can organize excursion tours to neighboring CIS countries as well as to non CIS states (far abroad).