Grodno State Agrarian University

Head of the Institution

Peshko Valentin Valentinovich

Name of Institution: 

Educational Institution "Grodno State Agrarian University"

Foundation Date: 

Educational Establishment "Grodno State Agrarian University” was founded in 1951

Mailing Address: 

Belarus, Grodno, 230008 Tereshkova street, 28
How to get: 

Phone number(s):









ggau [at] ggau [dot] by, inter [at] ggau [dot] by (i)inter [at] ggau [dot] by

Specialties for which you can get an education

The Educational Institution "Grodno State Agrarian University" offers international students the training programmes of pre-University preparation (Preparatory Department), principal (I stage of higher education, bachelor's degree) and postgraduate (Master and PhD programmes) education.

Faculty of economics

Faculty of accounting

Veterinary Faculty

Agronomical Faculty

Biotechnological Faculty

Engineering and Technology faculty

Plant Protection Faculty

Bachelor’s Degree

Training at the first stage of higher education (bachelor's degree) is offered in the following specialties: more info...

Master’s Degree

Training at the II stage of higher education (Master programme) is offered in the following specialties: more info...

Living conditions for foreign students  

The educational institution "Grodno State Agrarian University" provides all international students places in hostels.

GSAU has 7 student hostels at disposal. Foreign students, studying at the Preparatory Department, live in the hostel №7. Every faculty has its own hostel attached. All the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay are created there: equipped kitchens, showers, rest rooms and self-studies.

The cost of living in the hostels is $450 for 1 academic year (as on 08.07.2015). Foreign students may wish to rent a private apartment. The minimum cost of renting an apartment in Grodno is $200 a month.

Check-in at the hostel

To check in the dormitory foreign students must contact their Dean's office to sign the Residential Lease Agreement.

In the hostel you will get:

1) pass in the hostel;
2) bed linen;
3) the keys to the room/unit.

How to Apply

Enrollment procedure of foreign applicants to GSAU

The procedure of enrollment to the university when you get the entrance student’s visa and arrive in Belarus is the following:

- fill in the application addressing to the rector of the university;

- provide the documents:

  • Certificate of secondary complete general education including the list of subjects studied and marks obtained - if it is acknowledged in accordance with established order of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Medical conclusion about the health condition issued by the public health organization of the Republic of Belarus(when an applicant arrives he/she gets the Letter of referral issued by the University to the clinic for taking medical examination);
  • Medical conclusion about the health condition issued by the official authority of the country from which the applicant arrived
  • Health Certificate confirming the absence of HIV infections issued by the official authority of the country from which the applicant arrived
  • Birth Certificate
  • 6 photos (3x4)
  • Certificate of completion of preparation course issued be the establishment of higher education.

The above listed documents must be translated into the Russian/Belorussian Language and notarized.

Contact information for foreign candidates for training

 Tel: +375 (152) 74 04 39 Svetlana Mazurek

Cultural life

University creates conditions to keep a healthy lifestyle and to lead an active social life.