Head of the Institution

Sergei Khakhomov

Name of Institution: 

Francisk Skorina Gomel State University

Foundation Date: 


Mailing Address: 

246028, Gomel 104 Sovetskaya str.

How to get: 

You should find bus stop and use trolley bus number 1, 15, 15-a and leave it on the "University" station.

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mail [at] gsu [dot] by


Faculty of Biology 

Faculty of Geology and Geography 

Faculty of History and Intercultural Communications

Faculty of Foreign Languages 

Faculty of Mathematics and Programming Technologies 

Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics 

Faculty of Physics and Information Technologies 

Faculty of Physical Culture 

Faculty of Philology 

Faculty of Economics 

Faculty of Law 

Institute of Additional Education

Specialties for which you can get an education

6-05-0533-06 Mathematics

6-05-0533-09 Applied Mathematics

6-05-0533-11 Applied Informatics

6-05-0612-01 Software engineering

6-05-0612-02 Informatics and programming technologies

6-05-0533-01 Physics

6-05-0612-03 Information management systems

6-05-0533-02 Applied Physics

6-05-0713-02 Electronic systems and technologies

6-05-0611-05 Computer engineering

6-05-0533-04 Сomputer physics

6-05-0533-12 Cyber security

6-05-0411-02 Finance and Credit

6-05-0311-02 Economics and Management

6-05-0311-05 Economic informatics

6-05-0412-02 Business Administration

6-05-0222-01 History

6-05-0322-03 Museum Studies and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage

6-05-0231-03 Linguistic support of intercultural communication

6-05-0511-01 Biology

6-05-0821-01 Forestry

6-05-0532-01 Geography

6-05-0521-03 Geoecology

6-05-0532-04 Geology

6-05-0421-01 Jurisprudence

6-05-0421-03 Economic law

6-05-0313-01 Psychology

6-05-0114-01 Socio-pedagogical and psychological education

6-05-0231-01 Modern foreign languages ​​(English, German), (English, French)

6-05-0231-01 Modern foreign languages ​​(German, English)

6-05-0113-02 Philological education. Belarusian language and literature. Foreign language (English)

6-05-0113-02 Philological education. Russian language and literature. Foreign language (English/Chinese)

6-05-0232-02 Russian philology

6-05-0115-01 Education in the field of physical culture

6-05-1012-02 Training activities (with indicating the type of sport)

International relations and main international actions


How to Apply


Contact information for foreign candidates for training

Sovetskaya Str.98, room 1-5, 246028, Gomel, Republic of Belarus tel. +375 (232) 51-00-73, fax +375 (232) 51-00-71