Head of the Institution

Sergei Khakhomov

Name of Institution: 

Francisk Skorina Gomel State University

Foundation Date: 


Mailing Address: 

246019, Gomel 104 Sovetskaya str.

How to get: 

You should find bus stop and use trolley bus number 1, 15, 15-a and leave it on the "University" station.

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mail [at] gsu [dot] by


Faculty of Biology 

Faculty of Geology and Geography 

Faculty of History 

Faculty of Pre-University Training 

Faculty of Foreign Languages 

Faculty of Mathematics and Programming Technologies 

Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics 

Faculty of Physics and Information Technologies 

Faculty of Physical Culture 

Faculty of Philology 

Faculty of Economics 

Faculty of Law 

Faculty of Part-Time Studies

Specialties for which you can get an education

1-31 03 01-02 Mathematics (Scien- tific Pedagogical Activity)

1-31 03 03-01 Applied Mathematics (Scientific Production Activity)

1-31 03 03-02 Applied Mathematics (Scientific Pedagogical Activity)

1-31 03 06-01 Economic Cybernet- ics (Mathematical Methods and Computer Modeling in Economics)

1-40 01 01 Information Technolo- gies Software Support

1-40 04 01 Informatics and Pro- gramming Technologies

1-31 04 01-02 Physics (Production Activity)

1-31 04 01-03 Physics (Scientific Pedagogical Activity)

1-53 01 02 Automated Systems of Data Processing

1-31 04 03 Physical Electronics

1-39 03 01 Electronic Security Sys- tems

1-39 03 02 Programmed Mobile Systems

1-31 04 08 Computer Physics

1-25 01 03 World Economics

1-25 01 04 Finance and Credit

1-25 01 07 Economics and Business Management

1-25 01 08-01 Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Banks

1-25 01 08-02 Accounting, Analysis and Audit (in Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations)

1-26 01 01 State Management

1-21 03 01-01 History (National and World)

1-23 01 12-01 Museum Studies and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage (History and Museology)

1-23 01 12-04 Museum Studies and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage (Cultural Heritage and Tourism)

1-31 01 01-02 Biology (Scientific Pedagogical Activity)

1-75 01 01 Forestry

1-31 02 01-02 Geography (Scien- tific Pedagogical Activity)

1-33 01 02 Geoecology

1-51 01 01 Geology and Explora- tion of Mineral Resources Deposits

1-24 01 02 Jurisprudence

1-23 01 04 Psychology

1-03 04 01 Social Pedagogics

1-86 01 01-02 Social Work (Social and Psychological Activities)

1-02 03 06  Foreign Languages (English, German)

1-02 03 06  Foreign Languages (English, French)

1-02 03 06  Foreign Languages (German, English)

1-02 03 08  Foreign Language (English)

1-03 02 01 Physical Training

1-21 05 01-01 Belarusian Philology (Literary and Editorial Work)

1-21 05 02-01 Russian Philology (Literary and Editorial Work)

Master’s Degree

01.01.01    Substantial, Complex and Functional Analysis, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.01.02    Differential Equations, Dynamic Systems and Optimal Management, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.01.05    Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.01.06    Mathematical Logics, Algebra and Mathematical Cybernetics, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.01.09    Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Cybernetics, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.02.04    Mechanics of Deformable Solid Body, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.04.02    Theoretical Physics, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.04.03    Radiophysics, PhD (Physics and Mathematics)   

01.04.05    Optics, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.04.07    Physics of Condensate State, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

01.04.16    Physics of Nuclear Core and Elementary Particles, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

03.02.01    Botany, PhD (Biology) 

03.02.04    Zoology, PhD (Biology) 

03.03.01    Physiology, PhD (Biology) 

03.02.07    Genetics, PhD (Biology) 

03.02.08    Ecology (specifying branches), PhD (Biology) 

05.13.11    Mathematical and Software Support of Calculating Machines, Complexes and Computer Networks, PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

05.13.15    Calculating Machines, Complexes and Computer Networks, PhD (Technics), PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

05.13.18    Mathematical Modeling,  Calculus of Approximations and Programme Complexes, PhD (Technics), PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

05.16.09    Materials Science (specifying branches), PhD (Technics) 

08.00.01    Economic Theory, PhD (Economics) 

08.00.05    Economics and National Economy Management, PhD (Economics) 

08.00.10    Finance, Money Circulation and Credit, PhD (Economics) 

08.00.12    Accounting, Statistics, PhD (Economics) 

08.00.13    Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics, PhD (Economics), PhD (Physics and Mathematics) 

10.01.01    Belarusian Literature, PhD (Philology) 

10.01.02    Russian Literature, PhD (Philology) 

10.02.01    Belarusian Language, PhD (Philology) 

10.02.02    Russian Language, PhD (Philology) 

12.00.01    Theory and History of Law and State; History of Law and State Doctrines, PhD (Law) 

12.00.03    Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; International Private Law, PhD (Law) 

12.00.05    Labour Law; Social Security Law, PhD (Law) 

12.00.08    Criminal Law and Criminology; Criminal and Executive Law, PhD (Law) 

13.00.01    General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education, PhD (Pedagogy) 

13.00.02    Theory and Methodology of Study and Training (Mathematics, Secondary and Higher Education), PhD (Pedagogy) 

13.00.02    Theory and Methodology of Study and Training (English, Secondary and Higher Education), PhD (Pedagogy) 

13.00.02    Theory and Methodology of Study and Training (Geography, Secondary and Higher Education), PhD (Pedagogy) 

13.00.02    Theory and Methodology of Study and Training (Physics, Secondary and Higher Education), PhD (Pedagogy) 

13.00.04    Theory and Methodology of Physical Training, Sport Training, Health-Improving and Adaptive Physical Training, PhD(Pedagogy), PhD (Psychology) 

19.00.01    General Psychology, Psychology of a Personality, History of Psychology, PhD (Psychology) 

19.00.05    Social Psychology, PhD (Psychology) 

19.00.07    Pedagogical Psychology, PhD (Psychology) 

25.01.01    General and Regional Geology, PhD (Geology and Mineralogy) 

25.01.07    Hydrogeology, PhD (Geology and Mineralogy) 

25.01.12    Geology, Prospecting and Exploration of Oil and Natural Gas Fields, PhD (Geology and Mineralogy) 

25.03.01    Physical Geography and Biogeography, Soils Geography and Landscapes Geochemistry,  PhD (Geography)

International relations and main international actions

How to Apply

Contact information for foreign candidates for training

Sovetskaya Str.98, room 1-5, 246019, Gomel, Republic of Belarus tel. +375 (232) 51-00-73, fax +375 (232) 51-00-71