State Educational Establishment «The Institute of Border Service of the Republic of Belarus»


Head of the Institution

Sergey  Zhilinsky

Name of Institution: 

State Educational Establishment «The Institute of Border Service of the Republic of Belarus»

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ips [at] gpk [dot] gov [dot] by
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4 Slavinskaha st. Minsk 220086

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ips [at] gpk [dot] gov [dot] by


Officers training faculty

Specialties for which you can get an education

Management of border patrol units
Management of border control units
Operative activity of Border Guard Authorities
Ideological activities in Border Guard Authorities

Bachelor’s Degree


Master’s Degree

Border guard authorities units management
Border Security

International relations and main international actions

Since 2012, the Institute has been  training military personnel for a number of foreign states:

Living conditions for foreign students 

How to Apply

Contact information for foreign candidates for training


Cultural life

In 2014, the members of the  Republican Youth League kicked off   the annual contest "Cadet of the Year." In the course of really tough  competition, the best cadets of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of studies are chosen  in different  nominations.

Since 2014, the cadets and officers of the Institute have been active participants in the Minsk half marathon,  promoting a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, and also a privilege and honor of being a border guard.

Officer students and cadets   are  involved in  scientific researches  in various fields of knowledge . Since 2016, we have been conducting research and innovation activity  in the areas of ensuring border security and the history of the border service of Belarus.

The Institute has  long-standing friendly relations and close cooperation in the field of  military-patriotic education with the students and teaching  staff of  a number of secondary schools: “School No. 3 named after Lieutenant Victor Usov, Grodno,” “School No. 31 of Brest, and School No. 4 in Postavy. "
 A number of school leavers from   these schools have chosen the profession of a border guard.

Since 2008, the cadets  - members of  the Republican Youth League BRSM have  been patronizing the orphanage  in the Pervomaisky district of Minsk."