Euphrosyne Polotskaya State University of Polotsk (PSU)

Head of the Institution

Yury Ramanouski, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor

Name of Institution: 

Euphrosyne Polotskaya State University of Polotsk

Foundation Date: 


Mailing Address: 

211440, Vitebsk region, Novopolotsk, 29 Blokhin Street, the Republic of Belarus
How to get: 

Phone number(s):

+375 214 59-95-35 


+375 214 59-95-36



  • post [at] psu [dot] by
  • priem [at] psu [dot] by


  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanics and Technology
  • Faculty of Computer Science and Electronics
  • Faculty of Information Technologies
  • Faculty of Finance and Economics
  • Faculty of Law

Specialties for which you can get an education

Bachelor’s Degree

  • 3D Manufacturing
  • Architecture
  • Business Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Chemical Technology of Natural Energy Sources and Carbon Materials
  • Civil and Industrial Engineering
  • Computer security (mathematical methods and software systems)
  • Computer security (radiophysical methods and programmable technical devices)
  • Computer, systems, and networks
  • Design (of object-special environment)
  • Design and Production of Software-Controlled Electronic Devices
  • Design, Construction and Maintenance of Gas and Oil Pipe-lines and Storages
  • Economics and Business Administration
  • Electricity Supply
  • Electronic Marketing
  • English and Belarusian Languages and Literature
  • Equipment and technology of welding engineering
  • Equipment for the Chemical Industry and Enterprises of Construction Materials
  • Expertise and Real Estate Management
  • Finance and Credit
  • Foreign Languages (directions)
  • Geodesy
  • Geoinformation Systems (land cadastral)
  • Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Protection
  • History
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Labour Service and Art
  • Logistics
  • Machine-building technology
  • Management
  • Modeling and Computer-aided Design of Radioelectronic Devices
  • Physical Training
  • Practical psychology
  • Pre-School Education
  • Programming Modal Systems
  • Radio engineering (programmable radio-electronic devices)
  • Roads and motorways
  • Romance and Germanic Philology (English philology)
  • Science of Law
  • Social Communication
  • Software Support of Information Technologies
  • Technical exploitation of automobiles
  • Technical Labour and Art
  • Technical operation of vehicles
  • Technological Equipment in the Machine-building Industry
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Traffic organization
  • Transport engineering
  • Water Supply, Water Utilization and Protection of Water Resources 

Master’s Degree

Master’s programmes of double diploma

Academic master’s study

  • Applied physics 
  • Business accounting, analysis and audit
  • Business administration
  • Construction
  • Economics
  • Finance, taxation and credit
  • History 
  • Infocommunication systems and networks 
  • Informatics and programming technologies
  • Information security
  • Innovative technologies in machine-building 
  • Labour safety and ergonomics 
  • Law
  • Literature studies
  • Logistics
  • Machines, Aggregates and Processes
  • Mathematics and computer sciences
  • Mining and gas and oil producing geology, geophysics, mine surveying, subsoil geometry, geodesy
  •  Physical training and sports
  • Power and electrical engineering  
  • Production and processing of hydrocarbon
  • Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages
International relations and main international actions

Our university successfully cooperates with higher educational establishments and organisations in many countries including Austria, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Finland. The University is a partner of research and educational projects sponsored by the European Union.


Student and staff mobility is a result of the intensive participation of PSU in international projects and programs. It contributes to obtaining the best international practices, developing professional knowledge and skills, implementing project ideas and improving the University image.

The University participates in such prestigious projects as Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Tempus, DAAD programmes.

Living conditions for international students 

All foreign students are provided with rooms in the dormitories which are situated near the University.

How to Apply

Choose a study program

PSU offers more than 30 study programmes. 


Prepare documents

To be registered as an applicant it is necessary the following documents:

an application for studying;

passport and migration card;

Certificate of Secondary Education with the list of learned subjects and marks/ records for them;

copy of the birth certificate;

6 photos (3*4 cm);

the certificate of finishing the preparatory section, courses (if it was necessary to finish);

medical documents:

medical health resolution (original copy), including no-AIDs certificate;

medical resolution signifying absence of contra-indications for studying in Belarus.

To the above mentioned documents, executed in English language, there should be applied their translation in Russian, certified notarially.


Get visa

To enter Polotsk State University it is necessary to make up documents for entering the country. The immigration procedure includes:

getting invitation for studying (beforehand it is necessary to connect us putting copy of the passport, Certificate of Secondary Education and filled questionnaire);

getting an educational visa in consular office of the Republic of Belarus at the entrant’s place of living.


Undergo an interview at PSU

To enter Polotsk State University it is necessary to undergo an interview in Russian language. The date for the interview is reconciled at the faculty for Foreign Students.


To prepare foreigners for studying at the university the Pre-University Training Section offers the following study programs: Russian language courses and the Preparatory Section.

During the period of 10 months at the Preparatory Section you can:

improve the level of proficiency in Russian language, pass the entrance examination and go on studying in Russian language;

learn extra-subjects (mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry, foreign languages) for preparing to study at the chosen study program;

get a certificate necessary for entering the university as a 1st year student.


To the above mentioned documents, executed in the English language, there should be applied their translation in Russian, certified notarially.

Check take on lists

Check the lists of accepted as 1st year students or at the Preparatory Section of the Faculty for Foreign Students.


Join student’s life: studies, hostel, leisure time, sports and health

Congratulations! You are the part of international student community of Polotsk State University.

Contact information for foreign candidates for training

Cultural life

Cultural life of Polotsk State University develops aesthetic tastes and opens a creative potential of its students, enriches modern youth spiritually.


The University provides all facilities for students who can spend their free time improving creative abilities, broadening horizons and communication sphere, finding new friends. The mission of the student activity at PSU is to promote the realization of youth initiative, raise of social activity and useful activities for the University and its students. Solo and choreographic studios, intellectual games club and KVN, student theatre ART are very popular among students at the University.


Polotsk State University is the only University in Belarus where – like in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, Nottingham and Stockholm – one can visit a true music concert between classes. University students, lecturers and Novopolotsk citizens have a wonderful chance to escape daily routine in enchanting sounds of the world best musical pieces.


Polotsk State University also cares a lot about health of its staff and students, paying attention to popularization of healthy way of life, fitness and sport.