Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

Head of the Institution Gavrichenko Nikolay Ivanovich

Name of Institution: Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

Foundation Date: 1924

Mailing Address: vsavmpriem [at] mail [dot] ru

How to get:

After crossing the border and arriving to Vitebsk a foreign citizen should personally submit to the international office of the academy ( address:1 Dovatora str. 3 «B», room № 16) the following documents:

  1. Passport with the Student’s visa of the Republic of Belarus;
  2. Application form with specifying the specialty of studies;
  3. Original educational certificate with the academic transcript (subjects studied, numbers of hours and examination marks received);
  4. Health certificate, with the note of the AIDS-free status of the candidate and the fluorography test results issued by the Health authorities in the candidate’s country of residence;
  5. Birth certificate;
  6. Medical insurance certificate.
  7. 6 photos (size 4 Х 6);

Note: For the Documents listed under 3,4,5,6 notary certified Russian translation should be enclosed.


Upon the documents expertise and qualifying the candidate the Academy should assist the candidate:

  1. To obtain the temporary registration of a foreign citizen by the Bodies of Internal Affairs;
    A Foreign citizen should be registered for temporary residence in the Republic of Belarus within 5 days starting from the day of crossing the border.  The registration free is 21 Belarusian rubles.
  2. To take the primary medical examination at the medical center of the Academy.
  3. To take accommodation in the student’s hostel of the Academy.
  4. To make an official contract for studies.
  5. To take the obligatory medical examination in the medical centres of Vitebsk as required.
  6. To make tuition fees payments.
  7. To make payments for the hostel accommodation.
  8. To be registered as a student of the preparatory department (or as a faculty student if applicable).
  9. To obtain a foreign citizen’s temporary registration (for the term of one year) with the bodies of Internal Affairs as required.  (Registration fee is 63 Belarusian Rubles).

Attention please: A candidate for direct admission to the main faculties (without being trained at the preparatory department) of the Academy should take a preliminary assessment interview in the subjects: the Russian Language, Chemistry and Biology. Should the Russian language proficiency of a candidate be under a satisfactory level (by the decision of the admission commission), a candidate will be offered to take the preparatory courses at the academy.

Phone number(s):80212331639, 80212331629, +375295155656





E-mail: vsavmpriem [at] mail [dot] ru

Faculty of veterinary medicine

Biotechnological faculty

Preparatory faculty

Faculty of Correspondence Studies

Faculty of professional development and retraining

Specialties for which you can get an education

Taking documents from foreign citizens is from 12th of July till 15th of October.
The Language of Instruction at the Academy is Russian

  1. Specialty – Veterinary Medicine
  2. Specialty – Veterinary Sanitation and Expertise
  3. Specialty – Veterinary Pharmacy
  4. Specialty – Animal science (Technology)

Tuition fee for the overseas students:



Tuition fee per year USD

Undergraduate level

Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Surgeon 1962
Veterinary Sanitation and Expertise Veterinary Sanitary Expert 1962
Veterinary Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemist in Veterinary Medicine 1962
Preparatory study Language course, chemistry and biology 1686

Distance learning

Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Surgeon 716
Zootechny Zooengineer 640

Postgraduate level

Master Degree 1934
PhD 2100

Living conditions for foreign students 

If you are going to study in Belarus, at the Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

You should bear in mind the following charges that might be needed:

  1. Tuition fees ( at the preparatory department or main faculties)
  2. Obligatory medical insurance ( per year) – 170 €;
  3. Obligatory medical examination – 75 $;
  4. Temporary residence registration by the Internal Affairs Bodies – 50 $;
  5. Hostel accommodation (2-3 persons share a room) 30 $ per month;
  6. The exit visa for home vocation – 50$
  7. Minimal set of food products for a week – 40 $
  8. Breakfast and lunch at the students’ canteen cost – 5$

The average summer temperature in Belarus – +18 0 – + 25 0 C; autumn- winter – +10 0 C- – 250 then additional expenses for warm clothing and foot-wear might follow.

The Republic of Belarus is situated in the Eastern part of Europe. Its territory is 208 600 square km. The Republic borders on Latvia, Poland, the Ukraine & Russia. The population of the country is about 10 million.

he climate varies from maritime to continental with mild winter & quite warm summer. Belarus is called a country of 3000 rivers & 10000 lakes. The area of the country is an alteration of picturesque planes & low hills. More than a quarter of the republic’s area is covered with forests & bushes. Belarus is famous for its national reservation Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

The Belorussian Soviet Republic was formed on January 1, 1919. On December 30,1922 the Republic become a member of the USSR. In 1991 Belarus was proclaimed an independent sovereign republic. Now it is called the Republic of Belarus. It is ruled by President. The highest body of state power is the Supreme Soviet. On the 8th of December 1991 The Republic of Belarus became a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Administratively the Republic is divided into six regions. State languages are Belarusian and Russian.

Belarus is a republic of well developed science & culture. There is an Academy of Sciences, about 50 higher educational establishments.

Modern Belarus is a large economic region with developed industry. The Republic produces tractors & other agricultural machinery, trucks & various metal-working equipment, furniture & many other kinds of consumer goods.

The most popular languages of business communications are Russian, English and German.

Vitebsk is situated in the north-east of Belarus. It is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of the Republic and is recognized as a cultural and scientific centre. Various arts and music festivals, museums, Chagall’s Centre, art galleries and exhibitions, multiple scientific gatherings attract participants and visitors from many countries world wide.

Vitebsk is famous for its beautiful architecture, clean streets and hospitality of its citizens. Universities of Vitebsk are quite popular with students of many nations.

The Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine is the only institution of higher education in Belarus that trains high quality veterinary specialists using the unique curriculum. Upon graduation there is a possibility for graduates to continue their carrier taking a post- graduate course like MSc or PhD. Nowadays, possibilities and prospective are open for those confident in themselves, not afraid of facing challenges and eagerly looks for the better future work and life.

Contact information for foreign candidates for training


Inquiry tel.: admission committee in Vitebsk + 375 212 33 16 39

VSAVM Agrarian College +375 212 29 52 21

Rechitsa branch +375 2340 67540

Pinsk branch +375 165 670781

E-mail: vsavmpriem [at] mail [dot] ru

Web site:

Address: Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine, 1 Dovatora str. 7/11, Vitebsk 210026, Belarus