Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov

Head of the Institution: Rector Bogatyreva Valentina

Name of Institution: Educational Establishment ‘Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov’

Foundation Date: 1910

Mailing Address: 210038, Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk, Moskovskiy Avenue, 33.

How to get: from the station by bus № 4, № 22,№ 34; trams № 4, № 8; public minibus taxi № 75, № 99 to the stop ‘Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov’

Phone number(s): 8 0212 37 49 59 (Rector’s office); 8 0 212 37 63 11 (International office)

Fax(es): 8 0212 37 49 59


Facebook: //


E-mail: vsu [at] vsu [dot] by; otd_ms [at] vsu [dot] byfoig [at] vsu [dot] by


Faculty of Chemical, Biological and Geographical Sciences

Faculty of Mathematics and IT

Faculty of Humanities and language Communications

Faculty of Social Pedagogisc and Psychology

Faculty of Pedagogy

Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports

Faculty of Art and Graphics

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training

The list of specialties:


Tuition fees:

Specialties of the I st stage full-time education: 2300 - 2600 dollars per year; with teaching in English - $ 3050 per year;

Specialties of the I stage of correspondence course: 1150 - 1350 dollars a year;

Specialties of the II level of the full-time education course (Master's program): 2300 dollars a year; with teaching in English - $ 3100 per year;

Specialties of the second stage of  correspondence course (Master's program): 1150 dollars per year;

Preparatory Department: 2000 dollars per year.


To study at the university you need:

1. Submit an application for training and provide the necessary documents.

2. Submit documents for registration.

3. Check in at the dormitory.

4. To pass a medical examination.

5. Take an interview in Russian/English.



The applicant is considered eligible if he submits Secondary School graduation Certificate and demonstrates a sufficient level of the Russian language.



Please, pay attention that the process of issuing the invitation is quite time-consuming and takes about 1 month. For that reason we request you to apply for an invitation in advance.

For sending an invitation the following documents are necessary:

Photocopy of the passport.

Photocopy of the competed education certificate.

All the documents issued in foreign language require a notarized translation into the Russian language.

Documents are sent by e-mail, fax, post or delivered to the Department of International Relations annually by the 1 of August.



After analyzing the applicant’s documents the University authorities make the decision on eligibility for matriculation. VSU sends an invitation to the applicant that is the ground for getting the Entrance Visa in the Consulate in the place of residence (for overseas citizens from countries with visa regime of entry into the Republic of Belarus). The Study Visa is issued on the paid basis.

To exclude the misunderstandings with customs and frontier guard officers you should notify your arrival and inform the Department of International Relations of the university beforehand.



The convenient way to come to Belarus is by plane or by train. 

The National airport ‘Minsk’ is 30 kilometers away from Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus. You can reach city center from the airport by taxi or shuttle bus. From the bus station ‘Moskovskiy’ or the railway station, to buy a ticket to Vitebsk. In Vitebsk by bus №22, 34 or a shuttle bus № 99 you can get to the bus station ‘Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov’ (Moskovskiy avenue, 33, room. 100, 102A, 102B)



Before the beginning of the academic year the applicant must take a supplementary medical check-up at Vitebsk State Medical University clinic. The check-up is attended on the paid basis. The student pays for the medical check-up. Besides the medical check-up it is necessary to buy an obligatory medical insurance policy in one of the Insurance Companies.


Address: 210038, Vitebsk, Moskovskiy avenue 33, room 201а (Dean’s office).
Phone/fax: (8-0212) 58 99 16
Phone: (8-0212) 37-63-11, (+37533) 317 95 10
E-mail: otd_ms [at] vsu [dot] by (otd_ms [at] vsu [dot] by)