Polessky State University

Polessky State University is a young, modern University located in the center of Polesye.

The University has certificates issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for the compliance with the classical university type (ISO 9001-2015). The University is accredited as a scientific organization of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Polessky State University is the holder of the Government Award for the achievements in the quality field.

Head of the Institution:

Rector – Valery Dunai

Name of Institution:

Polessky State University

Foundation Date:

April 5, 2006

Mailing Address:

Dneprovskoy Flotilii, 23 Pinsk 225710 Brest region

How to get:

You can come to Belarus by plane (airport.by) or by train (www.rw.by for trains’ schedule). You should also take into account that the National airport "Minsk-2" is 50 km away from Minsk. You can reach the city centre from the airport by taxi ($20-25) or shuttle bus ($3). Afterwards you will need to get from Minsk to Pinsk, and you can use the next ways of travelling:

  • the most convenient way is travelling by train, the cost of ticket is about 6 dollars;
  • you can use a shuttle bus (taxi) from Minsk train station to Pinsk - the cost of ticket is about $7.

Phone number(s):

+ 375 (165) 31-21-60


+ 375 (165) 31-21-95




box [at] polessu [dot] by


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  • Economics and Finance Faculty
  • Engineering Faculty
  • Biotechnological Faculty
  • Healthy Way of Life Organization Faculty
  • Continuous Training Faculty

Specialties for which you can get an education:

Bachelor’s Degree

  1. Finance and Credit Specialization: Finance, Banking, Insurance
  2. Enterprise Management and Economics Specializations: Economics and Management in Industry, Economics and Management in Agricultural Sector, Economics and Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  3. Economics Specializations: Financial and Banking Economics
  4. Management Specialization: Management (in the field of international tourism)
  5. Business Administration Specialization: Entrepreneurship in the field of physical culture, sports and international tourism
  6. Accounting, Analysis and Audit Specialization: Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Industry
  7. Marketing Specialization: Marketing of Industrial Enterprises
  8. Linguistic Support of Intercultural Communication (specifying the field) Specialization: Communication Technologies in Business
  9. Biology (different directions) Specializations: Biology (scientific and production activities), Biology (biotechnology)
  10. Information Systems and Technologies Specialization: Information Technologies of Financial and Credit System
  11. Industrial Fishing Specialization: Fish Processing Technologies
  12. Garden and Park Construction Specialization: Landscape Design
  13. Physical Culture (different directions) Specializations: Physical Culture (therapeutic), Physical Culture (for preschoolers)
  14. Health-improving and Adaptive Physical Training(different directions) Specializations: Health-improving and Adaptive Physical Training (wellness), Health-improving and Adaptive Physical Training (adaptive)
  15. Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy (different directions) Specializations: Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy (physical rehabilitation, Physical Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy (occupational therapy)
  16. Sports and Pedagogical Activities (different directions) Specialization: Sports and Pedagogical Activities (coaching specifying the type of sports)
  17. Tourism and Hospitality

Master’s Degree

  1. Physical Culture and Sports;
  2. Finance, Taxation and Credit;
  3. Economics including Project Management;
  4. Accounting, Analysis and Audit;
  5. Business Administration;
  6. Marketing;
  7. Biology;
  8. Microbiology;
  9. Production of food products from animal raw materials.

Postgraduate training:

  1. Economics and Management of the National Economy (economics);
  2. Finance, Money Circulation and Credit (economics);
  3. Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Sports Training, Health and Adaptive Physical Education (pedagogical sciences);
  4. Biotechnology (including biotechnology) (biological, agricultural sciences).

Council for the Defense of Dissertations for PhD (specialty 08.00.10 Finance, Money Circulation and Credit, economics) functions at Polessky State University.

Preparatory course of the Russian language, on-line program "Russian as a foreign language".

International relations and main international actions:

International activities of Polessky State University are aimed at the development of mutually beneficial cooperation of the University with foreign universities and organizations, ensuring its integration into the international education area. Significant international projects are as follows: Network of international cooperation in science, technology and innovation with Eastern Partnership countries - PLUS (EaP PLUS), Eastern Partnership Cooperation Program (EaPTC), Erasmus +, Tempus - "EcoBRU". University has more than 50 international agreements signed. Mostly actively it cooperates with Russia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, and China.

Polessky State University is the creator of the Innovative and industrial cluster in the field of biotechnologies and "green economy" for scientific, technical, innovation and business activities aimed at sustainable growth of the Belarusian economy, which is represented by 8 profiles: crop production, cattle breeding, aquaculture, protein vitamin mineral premixes, biological active substances and biological preparations, healthy lifestyle technologies, water purification technologies, green economy and tourism.

Living conditions for foreign students:

Modern, comfortable dormitories in the very center of the city with Internet access, gyms, café, automatic washing machines and dryers are at students’ disposal. All nonresident students are provided with comfortable dormitory for the entire period of study. Accommodation fee is 60 USD per month. The university has its own hotel as well.

Cultural life:

All conditions have been created for students for leisure at the university. It has a unique sports complex with an Olympic swimming pool, an ice arena, a universal gym and a stadium. At the student sanatorium students can get a full range of medical and health services. The university has eight amateur art clubs with the national title as well (music band "The Sounds of Time", pop dance group "Alliance", Latin American culture club "Solimar"). The library fund is represented by educational, scientific literature, periodicals, fiction. It has 3 reading halls equipped with comfortable furniture, electronic resources room with modern multimedia equipment. There is an electronic document delivery service and a virtual reference service at students’ disposal.

How to Apply:

A student visa is issued by the Consular Office of the Republic of Belarus. To get an official invitation foreign citizens should present the following documents:

  • copy of school certificates where subjects and marks are indicated and the translation of the former attested by a notary;
  • copy of birth certificate, passport or any other ID;
  • application;
  • copy of medical certificate issued by an official organ stating that the candidate is capable to study in the climatic conditions of Belarus and at the corresponding educational establishments and research organizations;
  • copy of a medical general certificate and AIDS-test certificate issued by an official medical organ of the country of the candidate;
  • vaccination certificate.

Besides the listed documents, their translation into Russian or Belarusian attested by a notary is needed.

STEP 1. To submit the following documents to the Admission Office:

  • application indicating the chosen course (to be filled in when submitting the documents to the Admission Office);
  • passport or any other ID;
  • copy of birth certificate attested by a notary;
  • school certificate indicating subjects, exams taken and marks received;
  • medical certificate issued by a territorial medical organization of the sending country that confirms an applicant’s ability to study in the climatic conditions of the Republic of Belarus;
  • medical general certificate and AIDS-test certificate issued by an official medical organ of the applicant’s country of origin;
  • 6 photos 3x4 cm;
  • certificate confirming the completion of Preparatory Course, Department or Faculty (if available).

Besides the documents listed, their translation into Russian or Belarusian attested by a notary is needed.

STEP 2. To pass an interview checking your knowledge of the Russian language and major subjects.

STEP 3. To conclude an agreement on education and to pay a tuition fee.

STEP 4. To make an agreement on compulsory medical insurance with some insurance company (170€ per year) if it will be needed.

STEP 5. To pass the medical examination in Pinsk town central polyclinic.

To receive an invitation to study, it is necessary to send to the postal address or by e-mail: copies of the passport, educational documents, a medical certificate and an application indicating the selected faculty, specialty and form of training. Copies of documents can be in English or translated into Russian. Indicate your contacts for feedback and how you are going to get a visa:

  • at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus;
  • at the consular department of Minsk Airport.

Mailing address: Educational Establishment "Polessky State University", 225710 Pinsk, Dneprovskoy flotilii, 23
E-mail: polessky [dot] edu [at] gmail [dot] com

As soon as a decision is made regarding your admission to the university and agreed with the migration office of the Republic of Belarus, you will be notified by the letter to the address provided by you.

Contact information for foreign candidates for training:

Phone/Fax: +375 165 31-08-81
Address: Pushkin Str., 4, office 3708, Pinsk, 225710 Republic of Belarus
E-mail: kievich [dot] e [at] polessu [dot] by