Educational Institution «Brest State Technical University»

Head of the Institution
Serhei Kasperovich, Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences

Name of Institution: Educational Institution «Brest State Technical University»

Foundation Date: April 1, 1966
Address: 267 Moskovskaya Str.,
224017, Brest,
Republic of Belarus

Phone / Fax: +375 162 32 17 04
e-mail: canc [at] bstu [dot] by

How to get: from the railway station and bus station: take a trolleybus No. 101, 102, 103 and 110 and get out at the bus-stop «Tehnichny universitet».

Brest State Technical University organizes education and conducts scientific research in the field of architecture, construction, engineering systems, mechanical engineering, information technology, ecology, and economics. The university is one of the founders of the Brest Science and Technology Park. There is the "Digital Engineering in the Agro-Industrial Complex" research laboratory in the university, as well as an industry laboratory for identification systems and industrial robotics and a Research Center for Innovation in Construction.

The Competence Center "Industrial Robotics and Digital Engineering" has been created at BrSTU, the purpose of which is research and development of robotic systems, technical vision systems, control and decision-making systems based on artificial intelligence.

BrSTU is a member of the Association of Technical Universities, the Association of European Faculties of Civil Engineering, the Association of Networking, and also cooperates with the Association "Cluster of High Science-Intensive Technologies and Engineering "Creonomics".

351 lecturers (7 Doctors of Science, 142 Candidates of Science)


Faculty of Economics:

    • Finance and crediting (duration 4 years)
    • Accounting, analysis and audit (duration 4 years)
    • Engineering economics (duration 4 years)
    • Economics (duration 4 years)
    • Commerce (duration 4 years)
    • Marketing (duration 4 years)
    • Logistics (duration 4 years, available in English)
    • Digital economy (duration 4 years)
    • Customs administration (duration 4 years)

    Faculty of Engineering Systems and Ecology:

      • Nature conservation (duration 4 years)
      • Land amelioration and water management (duration 4 years)

      Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

        • Mechanical engineering technology, metal-cutting equipment and tools (duration 4 years)
        • Technological machines and equipment (duration 4 years)
        • Operation of ground transportation and technological machines and complexes (duration 4 years)
        • Automation of technological processes and production (duration 4 years)

        Faculty of Electronic and Information Systems:

          • Electronic systems and technologies (duration 4 years, available in English)
          • Computer engineering (duration 4 years, available in English)
          • Artificial intelligence (duration 4 years, available in English)
          • Information management systems (duration 4 years, available in English)
          • Software engineering (duration 4 years)

          Faculty of Civil Engineering:

          • Expertise and real estate management (duration 4 years)


          Faculty of Civil Engineering:

            • Architecture (duration 6 years)
            • Architectural design (duration 6 years)
            • Industrial and сivil engineering (duration 5 years, available in English)

            Faculty of Engineering Systems and Ecology:

            • Utility systems, equipment of buildings and structures (duration 5 years)


            Faculty of Economics:

            • Economics (duration 1 year, available in English)
            • World economy (duration 2 years, available in English)
            • Accounting, audit and business analysis (duration 1 year)
            • Logistics (duration 1 year, available in English)

            Faculty of Engineering Systems and Ecology:

            • Ecology (duration 1 year)
            • Land amelioration, revegetation and land protection (duration 1 year)

            Faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

            • Innovative technologies in mechanical engineering (duration 1 year)
            • Automation (duration 1 year)

            Faculty of Electronic and Information Systems:

            • Electronic systems and technologies (duration 2 years, available in English)
            • Information management systems (duration 2 years, available in English)
            • Computer science and programming technologies (duration 2 years, available in English)
            • Artificial intelligence (duration 2 years, available in English)

            Faculty of Civil Engineering:

            • Construction (duration 1 year, available in English)
            • Architecture (duration 2 years)


            Pre-university (foundation) programme. Duration: 1 year

            Area of study Subjects
            Economics area Russian language, Mathematics, Economic Theory
            Engineering area Russian language, Mathematics, Physics, Technical Drawing
            Architecture area Russian language, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Drawing

            Russian-language courses

            Academic Courses (cover full academic year);
            Summer Courses (allow you to combine your holiday with a study programme);
            Crash Courses (involve intensive study over a short period and start throughout the year).

            Postgraduate programmes

            Building Materials and Products

            TUITION FEES

            Pre-university programme: $1600
            Undergraduate programme: $2200-2600 (in Russian)
                                                     $3500 (in English)
            Master’s degree programme: $2700-3000 (in Russian)
                                                      $3700 (in English)
            Postgraduate (PhD programme): $3500-4200
            Russian-language courses: the fee is calculated according to the chosen study programme.
            Undergraduate courses in English for exchange and visiting students: fee is calculated according to the chosen study programme.


            Invitation for obtaining a study visa – free of charge 
            Temporary registration (issued for 1 year) – $50
            Health insurance – €170/1 year
            Obligatory medical examination – $80
            Exit-entry visa – $38
            Exit visa – $26
            Certified passport translation into Russian language – $15


            The active participation of students in the creative life of the university, amateur groups and cultural events contribute to the formation of a comprehensively developed, spiritual, creative and socially active personality. It is facilitated by the activities of the department of student initiatives and cultural and leisure activities at the university. Traditional cultural events, holiday concerts, competitions and festivals are organized and held during the academic year.

            Amateur groups are created and conduct creative activities in various art forms.

            Numerous high-place awards, winner diplomas and certificates of gratitude for participation in the republican festivals of student creativity testify to the high performance level, the creative successes of the university teams and students at different art festivals: "ART-vakatsyi", "We are Together", "The Palette of Creativity" (Belarus), international choir festivals "Provence" and "Averon" (France), the "European Cup" (Belarus), the festival of university choirs "Universitas cantat" (Poland) and "Paparats Kvetka" (Belarus), festivals of spiritual music "Hajnowka" (Poland), "Derzhavnyi glas", "Harmony of the times" (Belarus), festivals of art song "Univision" (Azerbaijan), "Russian Song" (Russia) and others.

            International relations and main international activities

            International cooperation of BrSTU in the field of education and science is aimed at integrating the university into the modern world educational context. The main goals of the university's international cooperation are:

            • training of foreign citizens at the preparatory department, bachelor’s and master’s level programmes, postgraduate programmes, additional education programmes for adults. During the existence of the university, citizens of more than 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America received education in it;
            • academic exchange of students and teaching staff. Students of our university, under terms of bilateral agreements and intergovernmental agreements, have the opportunity to study for a semester or more at the universities of the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, and other countries;
            • joint educational programmes with foreign universities, which allow graduates to receive diplomas from several countries at once. Currently, BrSTU has joint programmes with universities of the People's Republic of China, Spain, and Kazakhstan. In 2021, the implementation of a joint educational programme with Xinxiang University began, in which more than 100 Chinese students annually will study in the specialty of Mechanical Engineering Technology;
            • invitations for lecturers from leading foreign universities. Over the years, professors and associate professors from Brazil, Japan, the Russian Federation, Hungary, Portugal, and other countries held classes in our university;
            • joint scientific research with educational and scientific organizations of foreign countries, export of innovative science-intensive products;
            • contribution to international cultural exchange and development of intercultural communications.

            Pursuant to the above-mentioned goals, our university has developed close contacts with many different educational institutions across the globe and has concluded cooperation agreements with universities from China, the Russian Federation, India, Republic of Korea, Indonesia, Germany, Indonesia, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan and many more.

            BrSTU is also a member of the following international organizations that include higher educational institutions from around the world:

            • International Public Organization for the Promotion of Civil Engineering Education (since 1990)
            • Association of European Faculties of Civil Engineering (since 2014)
            • Association of Technical Universities (since 2018)
            • Cluster of high science-intensive technologies and engineering "Creonomics" (St. Petersburg) (since 2021)
            • China-Belarus University Alliance (since 2023)

            Living conditions for foreign students: There are dormitories with all conveniences on the university campus (shared occupancy in double/triple adjacent rooms).

            Cultural Life of BrSTU students 

            Every year the University Sports Club and the Department of Physical Training jointly conduct more than 50 athletic events: university competitions and championships among teachers and students in indoor soccer, table tennis, chess, aerobic, and track-and-field.

            Contact information for foreign candidates for training
            International office
            Address: office 325, main building
            st. Moskovskaya 267
            224017 Brest, Republic of Belarus
            Tel. / Fax: +375 162 32 17 04, +375 29 72 62 370
            e-mail: ttc [dot] bstu [at] gmail [dot] com

            Working hours (Monday - Thursday): 08.30 - 13.00; 13.45 - 17.30
                                                       Friday: 08.30 - 13.00; 13.45 - 16.15