Belarusian State Medical University

Head of the Institution

Rector - Mr. Sergej Rubnikovich

Name of Institution: 

Belarusian State Medical University

Foundation Date: 


Mailing Address: 

Dzerzhinski Ave., 83, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 220116

How to get: 

Phone number(s):

+375 17 277-12-01, + 375 17 378-19-58


+375 17 277-12-02, + 375 17 277-16-10




bsmu [at] bsmu [dot] by


Medical Faculty for International Students

Faculty of of Career Guidance and pre-University Training

Specialties for which you can get an education:

General Medicine



Preventive Medicine

Bachelor’s Degree


Master’s Degree

General Medicine



Preventive Medicine

International relations and main international actions

For many years the University has been developing cooperation with partners from 24 countries, among which the most important contacts are with the educational institutions of Russia, Poland, Canada, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Israel and Turkmenistan. More information.

Living conditions for foreign students 

Foreign students live in dormitories located near the main university building.

How to Apply

The Rules and Procedure for Admission to BSMU.

Contact information for foreign candidates for training

Phones: +375 17 277-11-63, + 375 17 277-16-72, + 375 17 271-41-04. Fax: +375 17 277-12-02. E-mails: bsmu [at] bsmu [dot] by, pdp [at] bsmu [dot] by, inuch [at] bsmu [dot] by.


Medicine is one of the most noble and respected areas of human activity aimed at protection and promotion of health as the most valuable thing in the human life.

The medical career is currently recognized as one of the most promising and popular all over the world and a physician in any society is a person who is respected, appreciated and admired.

The need for medical personnel in Belarus, as well as in other countries of the world, is growing rapidly, due to the progressive development of diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic technologies.

The salary of medical personnel in Belarus is constantly increasing due to the government support. And with the development of skills and experience a doctor’s salary also grows.

BSMU is a leading higher medical education institution of the Republic of Belarus, which employs a number of recognized health care specialists, including academicians and professors, who are ready to share their knowledge with those who have decided to connect their life with medicine.

To satisfy the diverse needs of students the University provides them with comfortable hostel accommodation and opportunities for successful study and personal development. At their disposal there is a large library, modern computer rooms, fitness and sports facilities and drama clubs.

Many students are engaged in scientific research and have practical training at the best hospitals in Belarus, CIS and foreign countries.

Education at BSMU enables you to become highly qualified and successful health care professionals.