Belarusian State Academy of Music

Head of the Institution

Assoc. Prof. Elena Kurakina, PhD in Art History

Name of Institution: 

Education Institution "Belarusian State Academy of Music"

Foundation Date: 


Mailing Address: 

220030, Minsk, 30 Internatsionalnaya Street

How to get: 

Oktyabrskaya Metro Station (450m), Nemiga Metro Station (650m)

Phone number(s):

+375 17 324-49-42 (Rector's Office)

+375 17 319-59-60 (Admissions Committee) 


+375 17 282-55-01





priembgam [at] mail [dot] ru (Admissions Committee)


Piano, Composition and Musicology Faculty; Vocal Studies and Choral Conducting Faculty; Orchestra Faculty; Folk Instruments Faculty; Professional Development and Staff Retraining Faculty 

Specialties for which you can get an education

Higher education (1st stage): Musicology, Composition, Conducting, Musical and Instrumental Art (Piano/Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass/Harp/Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon/French Horn/Tuba/Trombone/Trumpet/Baritone Horn/Saxophone/Percussion Instruments/Classical Guitar/Cimbalom/Balalaika/Domra/Mandolin/Bayan-Accordion), Vocal Art, Choreographic Art

Graduate School: Musical Art (Concert Performance Art/Musicology and Composition)

Postgraduate School, Doctorate School: Musical Art, Theory and Methods of Vocational Education

Bachelor’s Degree

4 years - Choreographic Art

Master’s Degree

5 years - Musicology, Composition, Conducting, Musical and Instrumental Art (Piano/Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass/Harp/Flute/Oboe/Clarinet/Bassoon/French Horn/Tuba/Trombone/Trumpet/Baritone Horn/Saxophone/Percussion Instruments/Classical Guitar/Cimbalom/Balalaika/Domra/Mandolin/Bayan-Accordion), Vocal Art 

International relations and main international actions

There are over 90 Conservatories, Academies of Music and other Higher Education Institutions among our partners, in cooperation therewith the Academy of Music implements various creative and educational projects. The teaching staff and students of the Academy annually participate in numerous international conferences, competitions, festivals, academies, summer schools.

The Academy of Music is a member of different international organizations and associations: European Association of Conservatoires, Academies and High Schools of Music (AEC), European Piano Teachers' Association (EPTA), International Musicological Society (IMS) and Central European Music Academies Network (CEMAN), Association of Schools of Music. 

A large number of joint international educational and creative projects held at the Academy are carried out with the active initiative and support of diplomatic missions, embassies and international organizations in the Republic of Belarus.

Living conditions for foreign students 

The Academy of Music provides foreign students accommodation in the Academy residence hall. The accommodation for non-resident applicants is provided from July 20 to August 5. It is located at: 220002, Minsk, 61 Kiselev Street. Travel by trolleybuses No. 37, 46, 53, buses No. 38, 91 from the stop "Nemiga Metro Station" to the stop "Kommunisticheskaya Street". The estimated cost of living in the residence hall is 1 ruble 94 kopecks per day + 2 rubles 40 kopecks (one-time for the provision of bed linen).

How to Apply

Foreign applicants submit the following documents to the Admissions Committee of the Academy of Music:

  • a filled-in application addressed to the rector of the Academy according to the form established by the Ministry of Education;
  • a copy of an identity document duly certified;
  • originals of the document on education indicating the studied disciplines and their volume, the marks (points) received on them, issued in a foreign state, and a certificate of recognition of the document on education issued in a foreign state, and establishing its equivalence (correspondence) to the document on education of the Republic of Belarus, confirming that the person has received an education equivalent to education in the Republic of Belarus, duly certified;
  • medical certificate issued in the territorial healthcare organizations, determined by the Academy in agreement with the committee (main departments) for healthcare of the Minsk City Executive Committee (regional executive committees), after mandatory medical examination confirming the absence of medical contraindications to study in the Republic of Belarus;
  • negative HIV–test certificate, issued by the official health authority of the country from which the foreign citizen arrived, or the Republic of Belarus;
  • a document confirming the completion of the educational program content for preparing individuals for admission to the Academy (when successful);
  • 4 photographs 3 x 4 cm.

To receive an invitation to study in the Republic of Belarus, an applicant must submit electronic COPIES (scans) of the following documents to: international_st [at] bgam [dot] by (international_st [at] bgam [dot] by):

– All filled-out pages of the passport;
– Notarized translation of the passport into Russian;
– Link to the video recording of the program performance on the website The recording must be presented without video and audio editing*. The requirements to the video recording depending on the speciality (degree program) are given below. It is also possible to send the documents for the invitation and a video recording of the performance (on a USB-flash-drive) via a third party. When sending the letter it is necessary to indicate the following information in Russian or English: full name, the performance program (indicating the composer, lyrics author if any, number and opus of the composition), the name of the education institution, the stage of education (1st year (undergraduate degree) – 1st stage, Master’s degree – 2nd stage). Documents for obtaining the invitation are accepted from March 15 to April 15.

PLEASE NOTE! Foreign citizens are required to notify the Curriculum and Instruction Department by email at international_st [at] bgam [dot] by of their expected arrival date in the Republic of Belarus after obtaining the invitation to study. Audition stage: April 15 – May 1. After the audition stage is successfully completed, the Curriculum and Instruction Department provides the applicant an official invitation for training, which entitles the applicant to apply for a study visa in the Consular office of the Republic of Belarus at the place of the candidate’s residence. Issuing the invitation for training is free of charge.

Arrival dates for training and in-person submission of the documents to the Academy (Minsk, 30 Internatsionalnaya St, room 210) are from August 30 to September 12 (Minsk, 30 Internatsionalnaya St, room 126).

On arrival in the Republic of Belarus, a foreign citizen must submit to the Curriculum and Instruction Department (Minsk, 30 Internatsionalnaya, room 126) the documents listed below and undergo the procedure of enrollment at the Academy:
1) application for admission to study in the required form;
2) original certificate (document) of education with an indication of subjects studied with the marks (points) received in the exams;
3) medical certificate, issued by the territorial organization of health care in the Republic of Belarus (after a mandatory medical check-up on the referral of the education institution)
4) health assessment certificate and absence of HIV infection certificate, issued by the official health authority home country of the applicant;
5) a notarized copy of the birth certificate
6) 6 photos (3 x 4 cm).

Having an identity document, a study visa, a contract of compulsory medical insurance, drawn up in the manner prescribed by law are necessary for admission to the Aacdemy.

Knowledge of the Russian language at level A1 might be an advantage

Contact information for foreign candidates for training

priembgam [at] mail [dot] ru (Admissions Committee)

international_st [at] bgam [dot] by (Foreign Students Department)

+375 (17) 319 59 60 (Admissions Committee)

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