Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University


Head of the Institution:

Rector:  Denis Duk, Doktor of Historical Sciences, Professor

Name of the Institution:

Mogilev State A.Kuleshov University

Foundation Date:


Mailing Address:

1, Kosmonavtov str., Mogilev, 212022, the Republic of Belarus

Phone number(s):

(+375 222)  28-39-49


 (+375 222) 28-36-26





ird-msu [at] mail [dot] ru


Faculty of History and Philology

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Faculty of Physical Education

Faculty of Economics and Law

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Primary and Music Education

Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology of Childhood


Specialties for which you can get an education

Bachelor’s Degree

History (Native and General)

History and social science disciplines

The Belarusian Language and Literature

The Russian Language and Literature

Journalism (printed media)

Mathematics and Informatics

Physics and Informatics


Biology and Geography

Biology and Chemistry

Physical Culture

Business Administration



Romano-Germanic Philology

Primary Education

Musical Art, Rhythm and Choreography

Preschool education

Speech Therapy



Master’s Degree

Theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing (by areas and levels of education)

 Theory and methods of physical education

 General pedagogics, history of pedagogics and education

 Legal support of economic activities

 Educational management

 National history

 General history

 Literary criticism

 Theory of language






International relations and main international actions

International cooperation is one of the priorities of Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University. More than 70 universities from all over the world are already working with us in the field of education and science. The work of the International Relations Department aims to:

  • development of effective and mutually beneficial partnerships with educational, scientific and cultural foreign institutions;
  • enforcement of interstate, intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements in the field of education;
  • participation in international research projects;
  • organization of scientific and practical international conferences, seminars, round tables, etc..;
  • development of academic mobility;
  • marketing activities aimed at increasing the export of educational services and the provision of educational services to foreign nationals.

Students and university staff actively participated and continue to participate in Tempus, Eramus Mundus, Erasmus +, DAAD programs. Together with our partners we do our best to invite the foreign professors to conduct the lectures for our students.

Living conditions for foreign students

All foreign students are provided with places in the hostels of the University.

Students live in blocks with all amenities, each of which has 8 rooms for two or three places. All dormitories are fully staffed. All dormitories are provided with furniture, necessary equipment and equipment. There are self-training rooms, facilities for sports and cultural events, hot meals.

How to apply

For entrance into the Republic of Belarus to study at Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University a foreigner should receive an invitation from the university.

To receive an invitation, an applicant should send next documents to the email address of the International relations department:


a copy of the diploma with the subjects and examination grades (marks);


a copy of translation of the diploma into the Russian language, certified by notary;


a copy of the passport or other identity document;


a copy of translation of the passport or other identity document into Russian, certified by notary;

On arrival in Mogilev a foreigner should come to the International Relations Department of the University on the same day and submit the following documents:


Passport with an academic visa to the Republic of Belarus.


A translation of the passport into Russian, notarized.


The original document of education with the subjects and obtained marks (credits).


Translation of the document of education with the subjects and obtained marks (credits) into Russian, notarized.


Medical certificate of health, immunization card, certificate of absence of HIV infection and the fluorography result.


Translation of medical certificate on the Russian language, notarized.


Birth certificate.


Translation of birth certificate into Russian, notarized.


8 photos (3x4 cm).


Medical insurance (can be issued at the University).

After reviewing the submitted documents, the staff of the department issues a temporary registration of a foreigner.

Candidates for training at the faculties of the University, who was not trained in the preparatory department of Mogilev State A.A. Kuleshov University, must pass entrance examinations in the Russian language.

If the admission committee decides that applicant’s knowledge of Russian is not enough to absorb the training program, the applicant may be invited to study at the preparatory department of the university.

For the period of entrance examinations applicants are accommodated in dormitory for a fee.

After passing the entrance examinations a foreigner should come to the International Relations Department to sign a contract for training. Within 14 days from the date of signing the contract, but no later than October 1, it is necessary to pay tuition fees in accordance with the terms of the contract.


Contact information for foreign candidates for training

International relations department

Mogilev, 1 Kosmonavtov str., (educational building №1), 3rd floor, offices №309-310

Phone: +375 222 283949

Email address: ird-msu [at] mail [dot] ru (ird-msu [at] mail [dot] ru)


Cultural life

The students and the teachers of all faculties have every opportunities of creative self-expression at the literary association “Natkhnenne”, at numerous clubs. The University publishes the scientific and methodical magazine “Vesnik MDU imya A.A.Kulyashova” and the newspaper “Universitetsky Vestnik” (University Bulletin).

Annually the university students participate in numerous competitions and festivals organized at the university, republican and international level.